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PR and marketing: 4 features in the new iOS you want to know about

Whilst the latest iPhone has been met with at least some degree of controversy- those headphones, company tax debts, factory worker conditions and soaring corporate fortunes- the latest release of Apple’s rightly celebrated iOS mobile operating system seems to be going down pretty well. We’re certainly on board in many ways.
These days we’re expected to keep up to date, and updating, on the go, and mobile operating systems are a vital part of this. So, whether you’re agency or in-house, a PR and marketing veteran or fresh blood, understanding the full capabilities of what can be achieved for your brand, or brands, is a wise move. So far we found the following four features in iOS10 the most impressive for getting the job done, let us know in the comments form below whether you have more to throw in the proverbial pot.
Easy email 
The latest version of your iPhone’s inner workings allows you to quickly search only your unread emails with a simple tap of the icon in the bottom lefthand corner of Mail. Nothing like cutting to the chases that really need to be addressed.
Unlimited tabs in Safari 
It’s as simple as that really. Safari being Apple’s built in web browser, you can now have as many windows as you like open at the same time, which is good when you consider how many new searches you might be conducting in quick succession, with a need to cross reference ahead of the meeting/planning session.
Live Photos editing
When Apple introduced Live Photos, allowing for up to 3seconds of video to be made from a series of still photos, it had a few problems- the short films weren’t that smooth, and you were given hardly any options to edit the work. iOS10 now smooths out the films for you, and allows you to edit, whether that’s shortening, cropping the size or applying photo filters. Basically, it has become much easier to make good quality shareable content with this tool.
Improved photo searches 
Siri is the crown in this particular jewel. You can make a voice request to bring up photos from a specific date, week, month, year, or location, and you’ll immediately be shown those that fit the bill. On top of this, you can now swipe up on a photo to request a list of all photos and videos relating to that picture. Oh, and you can also search for photos by details such as the people included in them (through facial recognition), or the environment in the background. This basically means you have immediate access to any image stored on your phone that you might need or want to use for a status update, blog post… well, you get the picture.
Image credit: iphoneDigital via Creative Commons

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