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5 branded podcasts for PR and marketing you need to hear

Podcasts for PR and marketing

Podcasts for PR and marketing

When Apple unveiled the iPod— a device now old enough to be a collector’s item— the tech giant probably didn’t know fallout would outlive invention. But that’s what happened. No longer simply vanity projects, compilation albums or radio broadcasts ‘taped’ for later consumption, today more and more brands are using podcasts for PR and marketing. 

Largely driven by ever-improving streaming abilities, as of November last year 7million UK adults were listening to at least one podcast per week.

But how can brands leverage this potential?

Understanding the audience, and the purpose of branded podcasts for PR and marketing 

Podcast consumption in the UK is booming across all ages, but the biggest increase is amongst 15-24 year-olds. 1/5 of people within this age group tune in— or hit play— each week. Widening the scope, 49% of all podcast listeners are under-35.

One issue with podcasts for marketing purposes is it’s difficult, if not impossible, to gauge ROI. This isn’t a website that can track click-throughs or purchase journey. It’s about increasing brand presence and recall. Consider podcasts a form of content marketing, used to amplify presence and boost loyalty. Listeners are looking for real value, not cheap salesmanship.

We recently ran a blog looking at some of the most useful podcasts for PR agencies and marketing firms. Now here are five excellent examples of brand-owned podcasts that prove this medium can also be part of the PR and marketing mix.  

Podcasts for PR and marketing

True Tales of Luxury

London’s most famous department store, Harrods, launched its podcast in March 2019. Famed journalist and broadcaster Mariella Frostrup hosts, with guests ranging from artists to chefs exploring their experiences and understanding of high luxury. A great example of tying content to brand identity in a way that engages the target audience.


If you’re lucky enough to ever say ‘Thank God Its Monday’ Shopify’s podcast series probably wants to know. 35-40 minute episodes go live weekly, each featuring an entrepreneur, innovator or creative that loves what they do. Considering the retail website relies on self-starters to exist it’s a shrewd, if rather niche, move.

The Sauce

When McDonald’s axed its Szechuan Sauce a PR nightmare ensued. People were angry. The fast food giant reintroduced the controversy-causing condiment, and created a stand-alone podcast series ‘investigating’ the fateful decision. Complete with Making A Murderer-style production, fans flocked to each episode by the sachet-load.


Dating in 2019: let’s just say two things— DTR means Define The Relationship, and the app experience can be a soul-destroying nightmare. Hence Tinder’s podcast being so apt. At times funny, in other moments sad, ensuring audience empathy, there are enough heart-warming examples of swiping into romance to give everyone hope.

Discovery Adventures

35% of UK podcast plays happen in the car. Knowing this, Land Rover launched Discovery Adventures, an immersive podcast with narrative, outdoor education and soundscape elements inspired by adventure. High profile voices like Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Kate Silverton add more than a little prestige to the award-winning series.


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