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PM Cameron to open Twitter account- what should his name be?

Social media- it’s loved and loathed in equal measures. Time consuming, and a constant distraction, not just for public relations agencies in Manchester like ourselves, despite these problems there’s no denying such online platforms provide a great soap box with which to have your opinions heard.
According to one of our trusted sources today (take a look at the story on The Drum here), we’re all set to be reminded of just how much we can have our say when none other than our nation’s leader David Cameron opens up his own Twitter account. Currently represented by his office (@Number10gov), jumping into full blown public tweeting from a personalised profile is a bold move, and will surprise anyone who remembers an interview back in 2009 wherein he complained about the network, stating he didn’t want to join individually for fear “too many twits might make a tw*t“.
Stateside Barack Obama already has a long established handle on the social network in question (@BarackObama), with well over 20million followers monitoring whatever thoughts and news are published in this way. Whether or not the Tory leader will see such a healthy fan base develop is unclear, but it’s more than probable he will attract a fair amount of attention once the account goes live before the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham on October 10th.
At the moment we can confirm neither @davidcameron (who is apparently “NOT the prime minister. I am a dude from America, who is more awesome than the prime minister“), nor @DavidCameronLeader will be occupied by the British No.1, though no details have been released as to what his online name will be. We can certainly think of a few, and not just @PMfortheprivileged. If you’ve got any suggestions please let us know, regardless of the potential profanities therein.

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