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Mobility tech marvels

It often feels as though we’re standing on the edge of the future, today. Driverless cars, virtual reality shopping, fingerprint recognition security for mobile phones when- just two decades ago- mobile phones themselves were revolutionary.

Here at Smoking Gun PR we relish in keeping up with the latest technological advancements. Even if it doesn’t help with our job, these leaps and bounds usually make a difference in our day-to-day lives. This month we’ve happened upon a number of stories regarding advancements in what you might call mobility tech, so here are three of the best.

Rucksack power station 

A bag that replenishes the battery of your phone isn’t all that new- these gadgets have been around for a few years. Enomad is a device that takes this one step further, though. Small enough to fit in your rucksack, the bullet-shaped object is assembled by the user, placed into a running water source, and acts as a portable hydroelectric power station, capable of charging phones, tablets and more.

Music streaming hoverboard


The KIWANO Scooter is self-balancing, meaning riders won’t do themselves a mischief, and also links up to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can stream music wherever the wind (or wheels) take you. Powered by Samsung, there’s also a support app that allows people to track speed, distance travelled and battery life.



Touted by Mashable as ‘the beginning of the end for car ownership’, the FordPass is a multipurpose app like no other, and centres on the brand’s grand plan to become a mobility firm first and foremost, rather than simply remain an automobile manufacturer. It has three distinct features:
*FordGuides – Whether you own a Ford or not, you can use FordGuides. A mobility concierge, this can help with navigation, roadside assistance, restaurant reservations, local area advice and more, expanding the target market beyond customers, or even drivers.
*FordPay – As the name suggests, this is a way to settle the tab for paid-for features on FordPass. In the U.S. the firm has also partnered with McDonalds and 7-Eleven to make it easier for people to buy food on the go, without the need for cash or credit/debit card.
*FlightCar – This feature is designed to make it easier to borrow or share a vehicle when you’re not at home. And the long term plan is more interesting still, as it involves helping you get from Point A to B, by any available means- whether that’s bicycle, public transport, or car share scheme.
Ford is also about to open FordHubs in New York, London, Shanghai and San Francisco, where human FordGuides will be on hand to help solve any mobility problem for people visiting, or living in, the city. Quite the innovative idea, if one thing is going to set the brand apart from its competition this could well be it.

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