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Media corrections to remember from 2015

Even the most respected publications get things wrong sometimes. Whether the mistake is down to facts, or simply punctuation leading to misinformation, once the  smoke clears we can all have a good laugh about it. As is the case in the following instances. Enjoy.

The Guardian – Decrepit Cowboy
An earlier Reuters version of this story was amended on 16th January 2015 to correct the model of the gun mentioned. It is a Winchester Model 1873, not a 1773, as we first said. The headline was also changed to make it clear that an old gun had been found, not a decrepit cowboy. 
The Times – First non-Catholic Pope
Karol Wojtyla was referred to in Saturday’s Credo column as “the first non-Catholic pope for 450 years???. This should, of course, have read “non-Italian???. We apologise for the error. 
The Guardian – Fire Hazard 
In a piece by Jamie Oliver In January’s Do Something magazine, distributed with today’s paper (How to… make toast, page 34), the chef says he has in the past “turned the toaster on its side, put cheese on bread and slid it in so it toasts on one side and melts on the other???. We strongly recommend that readers do not do the same, as using a toaster on its side is a fire hazard. 
The News Enterprise – Minority Shootings 
A story on Page A1 in today’s print edition contains a major error and misquotes Sheriff John Ward in a paraphrased statement. 
Here’s what it said:
Hardin County Sheriff John Ward said those who go into the law enforcement profession typically do it because they have a desire to shoot minorities.???
The Guardian – Proper Monty Python 
The words Python’s venom were removed from the headline of this article on 6 June 2015, after John Cleese pointed out that pythons are not, in fact, venomous.
Macleans – Geekiest Correction Ever 
A previous version of this story suggested that Luke Skywalker first meets Ben Kenobi in the Mos Eisley Cantina. The pair had in fact already met by that point in the film, and instead first meet Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Cantina. These are not the errors you are looking for.
Buzz Feed – Correcting Corrections 
The News-Enterprise is based in Kentucky. This post originally said it was a Kansas newspaper, thereby requiring a correction to a post about corrections. If I were to make a mistake with this correction, I could issue a correction-to-correction in a post about corrections. That would be the unicorn of corrections.
Los Angeles Times – Back Handed Amends 
An earlier version of this column said that Hillary Rodham Clinton makes five times the average American’s annual income. She makes that amount per speech. 
Lexington Dispatch – Biblical Mistake 
Boyd Thomas’ letter Saturday contained an error in the headline. He does not believe President Obama is the Antichrist, who will come after seven kings, according to Revelation. He thinks Obama could be the seventh king.

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