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The link between showboating footballers and your business: Building a strong reputation.

Showboating footballers and your business, no link there I hear you say? WRONG! It’s all about building your reputation with a creative campaign.
Some of you may have heard the stories of football managers (including ex-England gaffer Sven-Goran Eriksson) buying players based on video clips they have seen. But what if YouTube clips were all we had to go off when judging how good a player was? Or deciding how good anything is for a matter of fact, including a product or service? Well, (back to the football theme for the time being) here is a list of players who would be considered world beaters if their YouTube resume was all we had to go off.
1) Adel Taarabt
During his early days at QPR you could probably put together a 5 minute skills montage for every game Adel played. In the clip below you’d be forgiven for thinking that Adel was the Michael Jordan of the footballing world.
The reality: Adel has failed to live up to his early promise at QPR. They were relegated from the Premier League and he can now be found in the fringes of the Fulham first team.
2) Ricardo Quaresma
A much hyped Portuguese winger with an eye for silky skills and outrageous goals? No it’s not Ronaldo, it’s Quaresma.

The reality: A showman who failed to impress on the big stage, Quaresma has had more clubs than Tiger Woods. Whilst Ronaldo is now considered an all time great, his Portuguese compatriot Quaresma is now playing in Dubai.
3) Lee Trundle
After watching the following clip (all filmed in one game, to the best of my knowledge) you’ll be left asking ‘when did Messi play for Swansea and have blonde hair?’. The answer is ‘ITS NOT MESSI’ it’s infact Soccer AM sensation Lee Trundle.

The reality: Based on the clip above you’re probably thinking he went on to play for Real Madrid (you’d be wrong). Swansea was the pinnacle of Lee’s career.
So you’re reading this thinking ‘this is an amazing blog, but what does it have to do with PR?’
Well, here’s the moral of the story. Your product or business may not be the Lionel Messi of the business world, you may be an up and coming star or lagging slightly behind the competition. However, with the right creative campaign in place (such as the above 3 clips) you can go a long way to convincing customers that you’re the best thing since sliced bread, even if this isn’t the case.

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