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Katie- My Magazine launches, so we read it

Nothing gets the Smoking Gun team excited like a new media innovation, and so our new offices were a frenzied place when ‘Katie – My Magazine’ landed on the mat.
New recruit Carolanne had the honour of reading the Pulitzer-worthy rag first. Without further ado then, here’s what she made of it.
I’m in two minds when I think about the merchandising juggernaut that is Katie Price, A.K.A. Jordan. Half of me baulks at her surgically-enhanced swag and impossible to close rent-a-gob, while the other half thinks, ‘clever cow.’
She’s up there with Oprah now, editor in chief of her own namesake magazine, dedicated to flogging hoards of product educating her fans about how to churn out husbands be a successful business woman. Nothing compares to reading the bastion of editorial excellence yourself, but if you really are pushed for time, here are my favourite dissections:
On branding: “If you’re doing a press call, photographers usually zoom right in on your face, but wearing a crown made of iPods there was no way they could miss what I was promoting.??? Take it from Katie kids, PR 101.
On travel safety: “I usually use Hawaiian Tropic Oil (no SPF) on my skin. I know I should use SPF but I go on the sunbed so much at home, I hardly ever burn.???  That’s alright then, Kwik Tan credits? Check.
On lying about what you eat: “When I go  to McDonald’s, my usual order is a chicken caesar wrap, two cheeseburgers, six chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce and a banana milkshake.??? I’m assuming ribcage-pic-twitter-gate occurred prior to this regular, healthy meal?
So, what else is Katie an expert on… I hear you cry! Get ready for, ‘My Top Tweeting Tips by Katie Price’
Tweet every dayRegular engagement, OK…not bad
Ignore the hatersLeave those bad tweets unanswered and you could well be facing a rhinestone encrusted, cheap fragrance crisis.
Block the boringGreat advice, completely deny the existence of people with an opinion in contrary to your own – NB: that was irony, NOT SGPR best practice.
Don’t forget, once you’ve tweeted it can’t be undoneA final piece of measured and somewhat sensible advice here for community managers – don’t log in when you’ve been drinking…Yes, even if you run into Dane Bowers in a nightclub and you’re dying to tell everyone about how much weight he’s gained.
To round off my journey through this season’s hottest read, I leave you with this final titbit; Katie Price can’t use computers, which must have made writing her mag and books a doddle.

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