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The Ingenious Round Up – 6th March 2014

March is upon us and an entire month of ingenuity lies ahead, so we’re kicking it off with a look at the latest and greatest revelations. Here goes, The Ingenious Round Up.
If you’re guilty of not giving your teeth the TLC they deserve then Oral B’s latest creation might just scare you into making a change. The new app controlled Bluetooth 4.0 brush lets your dentist monitor your brushing habits and personalises your tooth brushing experience. Connecting to your iPhone or Android (because what doesn’t do that these days?) the app tracks every brush stroke and provides real-time guidance for your oral hygiene. Ingenious? Possibly. Weird? Very.

Image from The Guardian
Image from The Guardian

If you thought wearable tech was going away anytime soon then you were sorely mistaken. Following in the foot steps of Google Glass, an Ear Switch is a formfitting earpiece with an inbuilt compass, barometer, speaker, GPS and more. We’re waiting for Ear Switch 2.0, featuring on board kitchen sink, before we invest.
Ear Switch - Ingenious Technology
Image from Mashable

If you can’t stand being separated from your phone or iPod, you need Hoyo in your life. Hoyo is a waterproof pocket that keeps your device clean and dry whilst you bathe or shower. Waiting for an important call but need to freshen up? Hoyo is your friend.
Ingenious Technology - Hoyo
Image from MSN UK

In a similar vein, sufferers of FOMO (fear of missing out, if you were wondering) might also find themselves longing after the WiseButton. This digital assistant attaches to your keys or bag and offers remote control of your phone, tablet or computer. Its inbuilt alarm will also ring to alert you when a specified device goes outside a 20-foot radius.
Wise Button - Ingenious Technology
Image from MSN UK

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