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The Ingenious Round Up – 27th November 2013

We hate to deprive you of ingenious updates, inventions and inklings so we felt it was high time we returned with another Ingenious Round Up. 

Cited as being capable of making your pooch look ‘wolftastically cool’, Doggles immediately secured a firm place in this week’s Ingenious Round Up. With their shatterproof lenses, UV protection and (supposedly) sophisticated frames, it might not surprise you that these dog-friendly sunglasses retail at £21.49. Alternatively, it might come as a great surprise and this paragraph may actually leave you wondering what the world has come to. We’ll leave the technicalities to you.

Stepping away from pet accessories and into the human realm, we have the Everpurse. This incredible little clutch bag looks like your average zip up number but, in actual fact, it charges your phone on the go. All thanks to its 2500 milliamp battery, not the usual lipstick and tissue combo found lurking in hand bag. Now we hate to hammer the point but that’s sheer ingenious.

The travel gadget industry is no stranger to ingenuity, with gems such as the neck shaped pillow surfacing over the years. However, it’s time to wave goodbye to the poorly fitted travel pillows of yesteryear and abandon your eye mask whilst you’re at it. The Ostrich Pillow is in town. Never again will your head awkwardly rattle against a car window.

Now, no word excites us as much as ‘ingenious’ but if any could come close it’d be ‘epic’. That’s why it’s no surprise that the Epic Virtual Keyboard made our Ingenious Round Up. Connecting a keyboard to your tablet for ease is all well and good but you immediately begin to bulk up what it was meant to be a seamlessly compact device. This laser-projected keyboard connects via Bluetooth to solve your keyboard problems without compromising on sheer QWERTY goodness.

That’s it for this week, keep your eyes peeled for another Ingenious Round Up soon. 

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