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If you use social media for business these Facebook Group updates are important

Facebook, eh? You can’t live with it and you definitely can’t live without the world’s most prominent online platform. Especially if you use social media for business. So then, keeping abreast with the latest changes is vital.

And there are plenty worth knowing about. Not least in terms of Groups. Having grown in importance for brands as organic reach continues to plummet on the network, these spaces are now the only places that ensures your fans will see everything you post.

But how do you make the most out of your little corner of this online giant, especially if you are serious about mastering social media for business? Without further ado, then, here are the most important Facebook Group updates slated to appear in the near future…

Post formats

Tired of homogeny? No problems. Soon you’ll be able to tweak your posts for aesthetics and format. This will include new text size options, the ability to use bullet points and block quotes. The results will help your stuff really stand out.


Facebook wants to help you create new collaborative projects in the name of social media for business. This means enabling associated groups to offer relevant deals from your brand to their fans. Oh, and striking partnerships with other industry-specific professionals and organisations.

Better communications

How many times have you heard Group members grumble about posts not being approved? Hopefully not many, but how about making that answer ‘not any’? Soon Admins will be able to give members more details as to why posts were blocked, easily referencing rule violations. There will also be new tools for muting people.

More mentorships and subscriptions

Introduced last August, Facebook’s Group mentorship programme will be expanded. More people will be paired with professionals and peers in specific interest groups or business sectors. Which means improved insights, better knowledge and new skills.

Subscriptions will also grow, so brands can create stand-along content just for the most dedicated Group members. Sounds like a great idea in terms of social media for business.

Instagram stories will also see a donations sticker for non-profits, and the Blood Donations tool will be developed. As such you’ll be informed when a nearby bank needs donations and find it easier to sign up as a donor.

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