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How to stave off summer lethargy: A Smoking Gun Guide

We know what it’s like. Everyone in the office is so enthralled by the good weather their days are spent contemplating next weekend in the park or recovering from last night’s BBQ. Motivating staff to work indoors when the sky has been so blue takes courage, along with tried and tested techniques.
The trouble is inspiration comes in different forms for different people, because we all do different jobs, have different standards, and react to different stimuli. As was proved when LinkedIn did a survey of what inspires its members most, and came up with this list of no less than 60 tips recommended by professionals to help tick any task off.
But, if you read the useful run down one thing will be abundantly clear. Overcoming individual obstacles, and personal experiences, count for much when it comes to spurring yourself on. Yet this is a one-to-one area no advice or reference points can really prepare a manager for, and with that in mind we decided instead to focus on four touchstones that can assist when you need to come up with new ways of rallying the troops.
*Work ethic- it’s no use trying to get better results if people don’t understand the bigger picture. By focusing on the overall end product, and why it’s important for the separate cogs to play a part, you’ll find it easier to tap into the inherent desire to persevere that drives most people.
*Flexibility- Christmas and summer are social seasons, and staff will respond positively to more flexible management. This doesn’t necessarily mean a complete adoption of home-working, either, just a few early finishes or late starts can make all the difference when it comes to someone’s social life.
*Dialogue- When an employee feels stifled or stuck, chances are they will be underperforming too. Rhetoric in the office is vital for improvements, so be sure all the relevant people have at least a little input into matters that concern them, rather than simply directing from the top.
*Dead space- Whilst we can’t all afford Google-style headquarters, these days there really are very few excuses for bringing the tone down with a dull interior. From plants to pictures (and especially personal affects), breathing life inside those four walls is essential if anyone’s going to get anything done.

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