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How to… get the most out of the fresh-look Facebook

With over 700million users the world’s most popular social network was familiar to many people. This month huge changes to the interface are taking place, but by reading this you’ll understand exactly how your business’ brand page can benefit.
OK, so we know someone once said something about how if it wasn’t broke then a fix wasn’t required. But still, things never stay the same, least of all in the rapid fire world of web based media.  Regardless of whether they’re welcome or not then Facebook’s changes are happening, meaning you need to get to know the fresh faced site. Take a look at these five key factors of the all new interface to ensure the switchover is smooth.
Where’s my landing page?

Landing pages, or fan gates, have been removed, meaning you can’t ask people to Like your page in order to see its content. Controversial, yes, but at least you can get creative with a clean looking Cover Image to dominate the top of your Timeline.
Telling your story

The emphasis is now on storytelling via your Timeline, which acts as a diary for your posts. Highlight stories by starring them and post larger photo and video content for stunning image-based pages, with pictures stretching right across the screen. Meanwhile, pinning trophy pieces to the top of a page focuses attention.
An event worth shouting about

A fantastic opportunity to tell the brand story in an easy to digest way, simply click on the line in the middle of your Timeline, select Milestone, and then fill out specific information. Whether it’s the date you founded the firm or a major launch event you can let the picture, and a few well chosen words, do the talking.
Improved apps and content management

Pre-define applications to sit at the top of your Timeline, and even add a call to action to the description for competition purposes. On top of this you can approve user posts before they appear on your Timeline, whilst those from Fans now appear in the bottom right, just below posts about your brand made by their friends, further socialising the experience whilst keeping your company messages in focus.
More feedback, please

Interactions between Fans and brands will be more direct, as individuals can now send Private Messages to a company. Once the lines of communication have opened it’s a two way street too, so your business can respond to a particular person without the public watching, which could be a game changer.
Of course it won’t be too long until a whole host of additional alterations are made to the Facebook modus- after all, the world’s most popular social network didn’t get so big by standing still. So what would you like to see changed about the way it currently works? Why not let us know via the comments form below.

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