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How to find sports blogs worth selling into

What with Wimbledon and the heated Confederations Cup semi-final both dominating TV last night, we felt inspired to share some of our sports PR expertise by looking at some of the best online athletic publications. Read on if you want to bookmark some priority target titles then.
Regular visitors to this site will know we took a similar approach to food towards the end of last month, and highlighted the best blogs on the subject being regularly updated. The research process was long and drawn out in that instance, but unfortunately- for us- sport has proved an even bigger fish to fry, with Britain passionate about a number of games, and many Britons clearly willing to devote a lot of time to reporting and commenting on the latest headlines.
Still, we persevered, and as such have a few recommendations in mind. The first of which must be to use your common sense whenever looking at any PR push. In other words think about who the target market is, what they read (watch, and listen to), and what potential angles there are. In the case of sport then, don’t just think football news sites when there’s a campaign involving the beautiful game coming up. How about the scores of avid followers dedicated fan blogs have? From Manchester’s City and United to Macclesfield Town, these captive audiences are loyal to the last, and can pay dividends when won over by the right concept.
And whilst it’s not the only sport on the agenda, football is definitely ripe with other blog outlets. If you’re struggling for inspiration, a first point of call should always be FourFourTwo magazine’s World of Football Blogs. In order to pitch a stall here bloggers need to be at least semi-professional in their approach, as the website aggregates content from the best in the business and is by far the most read sports blog domain in Britain- if you can really call it a blog.
As we should all expect, newspapers are also heavyweights in this field. The Mirror’s Football Blog is one of the highest flyers to look out for, although most pull in serious numbers across sections dedicated to all the major domestic leagues. But, needless to say, getting the attention of such outlets takes a lot of hard work, and often a little bit of luck, albeit any coverage will almost always prove worthwhile.
By far one of the best sports blogs currently in existence is The Sport Review, which reminds of us a little of The Huffington Post, only with more balls. One of the fastest growing digital publications in the country to look at professional athletes and other such competitors, it covers the gamut from tennis to Formula One in all aspects, and attracts a huge readership across each area. Meanwhile, is another interdisciplinary roundup to keep in mind. It has an even bigger following than the aforementioned, making for a potential goldmine, so long as you have something related to extreme sports on the cards. A few ideas to get started with, let us know your recommendations via the comments form below.

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