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Hot Cross Guns: The Taste Test

The guns fancy themselves as ‘taste pioneers’ and have recently taken to taste testing all things festive. Having given Easter eggs a go last year and Christmas sandwiches in December, we thought we’d give the holy grail of spring snacks a try this Easter: hot cross buns.
Whether you prefer them toasted or not, we’ve explored all angles and trust us, we’re brutal with our scoring. Let us know if you agree with our findings by popping us a tweet @SmokingGunPR!
In first place we have… Sainsbury’s with 65/80 (£1 for 6)
The team of 4 expert tasters declared this bun as “having so much flavour??? and “a lovely texture???
In second place we have… Marks and Spencer with 49/80 (£1 for 6)
The team loved this effort but found the buns to be “a bit bland
In third place we have… Waitrose with 48/80 (£1.77 for 4)
The most expensive buns scored almost the same as M&S, Waitrose lost out based purely on the lines on the cross being a little ‘out’
In fourth place we have… Tesco with 43/80 (£1 for 6)
A ‘very glossy’ bun but it didn’t live up with taste, the team described it as “a mediocre try???
In fifth place we have… Aldi with 37/80 (85p for 6)
Not a great score for the ultimate discounter with some mediocre feedback, “quite bland and not very glossy???
And in last place… The Co-op with 33/80 (£1 for 6)
Unfortunately, The Co-op let us down with their ‘spicy’ offering. The team couldn’t get past the pungent smell.

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