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Heart warming stories

Valentine's Day
Whether you’re a lover or a hater, Valentine’s Day is only hours away. Although it is often the basis of some questionable PR campaigns, we can’t help but have a soft spot for the day which manages to steal the nation with unwanted gifts and cheesy chat up lines. There is however the odd story that makes it through with a happy ending, so what better time then to take a look at some of the romance inspired campaigns which we heart (sorry!).
It’s always enjoyable to read a ‘leaked’ memo and B&Q nailed this one. In preparation for the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie release, B&Q staff were told to ‘prepare for an increased demand for cable ties’, there is of course no doubt this memo was only intended for the inboxes of journalists! A brave but rewarding move from the second best DIY expert.*
Innocent Drinks is an amazing brand and in 2012 the team created a campaign that sparked conversation, quirky UGC and inspired consumers to buy its product, ticking all the boxes. Using personalisation, Innocent’s Valentine’s label generator allowed you to create your loved one their very own smoothie drink, enabling you to release your inner Eros – smooth right?
The same year, wedding video company, Shoot It Yourself, generated some nice coverage with a heart warming PR idea. Introducing Lionel and Ellen Buxton – the oldest couple in Britain. Lessons from their 76 years of marriage were used to tweet love advice. This campaign worked well digitally and caught the eye of The Sun before the big day.
This next campaign hits high on the cheese scale, Ikea Australia saw into the future and created a voucher that entitled a free cot for parents-to-be, so long as the baby arrived exactly nine months from Valentine’s Day. Proof of birth was required, unfortunately delivery was not included…
We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for this years Valentine’s stories and will be sharing the love on Twitter @SmokingGunPR.
*After our client, Magnet Trade.

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