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Google specs may be en route to developers soon

Happy New Year… today marks the return to work for many people lucky enough to have booked January 2nd off, meaning most of the UK is now firmly facing up to 2013’s professional responsibilities, whether your job involves PR, marketing, or duties unrelated to such industries.
Of course we’ve been looking ahead for a lot longer, and subscribers to our newsletter will already have read the expert predictions we put together, detailing what people may well see in media and marketing over the coming months. MSN Tech has been using its own crystal ball, and most recently ran an article discussing the potential plans Google could and should have in place to ensure continued growth (and, within some areas, dominance).
From continued ‘platform neutrality’, wherein the world’s biggest search engine happily and tirelessly develops products for a multitude of devices including those from rival firms, to Android App Store improvements, there’s plenty in the story worth reading and noting down. But none more so than the reference to a brand new piece of kit we wrote about, speculatively, back in February 2012; namely Google’s so-called Project Glass, or Google specs, as we keep referring to them.
Apparently the invention, which allows the person wearing the glasses to view web based content just about anywhere imaginable, is about ready to be introduced to software developers, with the boffins set to receive all the necessary information to begin making applications and programmes for the potentially revolutionary hardware ‘early in 2013’. Needless to say, it’s further proof that the future is fast approaching with regard to media access and functionality, given our own MD’s thoughts regarding SoLoMo– Social, Local, Mobile Media- and concepts such as geofencing.
Whether the implementation of these ideas will be successful depends on a variety of factors, including but not exclusively the public’s need for privacy and time away from prying marketeers, not to mention our ability to tolerate a bunch of be-spectacled folk walking down the street watching BBC iPlayer, and the resulting threat of pavement catastrophes that could well ensue. Flourish or not, though, it’s going to be unarguably interesting watching how things unfold.
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