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Generation Z: Insights into brand loyalty and discovery

Generation Z

Generation Z, AKA The Great Unreachable. Coming hot on the heels of self-interested millennials is a demographic already claiming to be the most compassionate and concerned on the planet. 

But what do these people want from brands? Other than more ethical and environmentally-sound practices? Thankfully, wherever Gen Z is, Snapchat is too— trophy piece social network among this group. With a little help from cultural strategists at CASSANDRA, the platform has conducted research into exactly how this section of the global population can be encouraged into brand loyalty, and how they discover brands in the first place. 

Let’s crunch the numbers from Snap’s ‘New Brand On The Block’ report… 

Gen Z insights into product discovery tell us word-of-mouth is still top dog 

27% prefer to discover products through recommendations from friends and family 


18%  do this by visiting stores 


18% through ‘other’ means 


17%  via online advertising 


11% from a friend’s post to social media 


9% via influencer or sponsored content 


Takeaway: Influencers are far less influential among this age group than we may have thought 


How do Gen Z types learn about brands? 

35% will go to the official company website 


19% would ask friends and family 


18% look at user reviews of products and services 


15% rely on the company’s social media posts and accounts 


13% trust expert reviews 


Takeaway: It will pay dividends to ensure your website is bright as a button and sharp as a knife, and online reviews are considered unreliable (or at least inconsistent) among Gen Z


Why would members of Gen Z stop using a brand’s products or services? 

54% would see a company engaging in unethical practices as the main reason to stop buying 


38% will reject a brand that is seen to have made false claims in advertisements 


37% consider a poor environmental record to be the main deciding factor when it comes to choosing which brands they get involved with


Takeaway: Brands need to realise that having an opinion and a mission that benefits the world is vital

It’s also worth noting that… 

73% will be interested in a product or service if their friends are talking about it 


46% have shared about positive brand experiences 


40% discuss a good customer service experience 


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