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4 outspoken bottles this food and drink PR agency adores

As an award-winning food and drink PR agency, everyone at Smoking Gun loves quality thirst-quenching products. And we like them even more when they have a truly unique, unforgettable approach to marketing and branding.
To bring our blog’s food and drink PR month to an end then, we decided to put together a list of the funniest, wittiest and most innovative coffees, juices, beers and the like, all of which aren’t shy of voicing their opinion. From Putin’s (potentially least) favourite tipple, to Berlusconi’s immunity tonic then, take a look below at what we came up with.
These Danish smoothies boast clean-looking, simple branding, with each flavour sporting a different, smile-inducing message. Amongst our favourites is the blueberry strain, which tells you to delete your doctor’s number, but the best was always going to be the orange, with ‘more immunity than Berlusconi’.
Karma Cola
The idea here is pretty straight forward; ‘if you’re going to drink something that has sugar in it (bad) then it should at least be organic and Fairtrade (good)’. Using Fairtrade, organic canes and cola nuts grown in Sierra Leone then, Karma Cola makes for a tasty treat, with a portion of the proceeds from each bottle going directly to the producer’s families.
Dumb Starbucks
Opened in February by a Comedy Central TV star disguised as a conceptual artist, Dumb Starbucks sold ‘dumb’ versions of Starbucks products for a few days in L.A., and even created ‘dumb’ playlists to soundtrack the store, all protected by U.S. ‘parody law’ as a gallery cafe wherein the drinks were considered works of art. Apparently Seattle’s finest actually appreciated the humour (to some extent), unfortunately for advocates, though, the local health and safety department, which shut the operation down, didn’t seem to like it that much.

Edinburgh’s BrewDog craft beer brand decided to send a clear message to Russian top dog Vladimir Putin about his openly homophobic rhetoric just in time for the controversial Socchi Winter Olympic Games. Hello, My Name Is Vladimir, a new type of beer, is branded as #notforgays. Meanwhile, the brewery also made headlines this week after being found to promote irresponsible drinking through its Dead Pony Club ale design, and then apologising to the regulators, Portman Group, for ‘not giving a sh!*’ about the judgement.

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