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Five tools to enhance social media content

All businesses need to market their services online, but with everyone vying for attention developing unique, appealing, customer focussed content is now essential. Thankfully, though, it doesn’t have to cost the Earth.
From blogs to Pinterest boards, Tumblr accounts to Sound Cloud communities, most companies are now using digital and social media in some way, shape or form. Viva la revolucion, the only problem is if every firm fires its gun skyward celebratory style, onlookers can’t really hear what they’re actually saying. With that in mind we put together the following list of tools guaranteed to enhance your online PR appeal, so long as there’s some creativity inherent in the initial concept.
Tube Rank
We could rant until the cows come home about the importance of video, and how popular web clips are. That still wouldn’t stop many people running a mile for lack of inspiration to put on film. Introducing Tube Rank, a service that identifies key topics of interest amongst target groups by revealing what they like to watch, therefore increasing the chances you will come up with an idea that goes viral.

One of Google’s many acquisitions- for $250million last July- Wildfire’s testimonials were impressive well-before those figures were banded about. Initially aimed at small businesses, big brands also quickly began using it to set up digital marketing campaigns to run on various web-based platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and the company website. An impressive tool, make no mistake.

By synching Pagemondo with your Facebook account it’s easy to design a fresh looking company Page. Much more than just a slick cover design, users are given enhanced options such as ‘Custom Tabs’ and embeddable ‘Like Gates’ to encourage sharing. Oh, and did we mention the ability to create promotional coupons, unique maps and contact forms?

Develop customised capaigns to target new fans- from photo contests to referral programs. On the face of it Offerpop seems pretty basic. Then you drill down, and find an automatic archive of all your Facebook Timeline posts, immediate insight into the engagement levels resulting from that activity, and a profile of every Fan, detailing their interests and level of influence.
Infographics can be a daunting prospect for companies without a budget for PR., amongst other websites, can help. Depending on the complexity of your subject the time required to create a great image-based insight will vary, but the results are always of a very high standard. Take this one, for example, which delivers real-time data on global Twitter activity.


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