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Fingerprint scanners for new iPhone?

Technology may be about to move even closer to science fiction if speculative reports published online today at The Drum and Daily Mail prove to be true. And, as everyone knows, Apple has a habit of pushing boundaries, meaning there may well be some accuracy to the stories.
Like many public relations agencies here at Smoking Gun PR we’re keen on the products produced by the company Steve Jobs founded, not least the iPhone, which seems to get better with each model (teething issues aside). This week the fifth version of the mobile will be unveiled, and the aforementioned news sources have been speculating on the crazy idea the device will come with fingerprint recognition technology.
Apparently Apple is trying to buy AuthenTec, a security firm focused on fingers and thumbs, with the takeover bid still being considered, and the company in question has already been developing a range of 2D fingerprint scanners for the computer giant. The most obvious use for our prints within this context would, of course, be to lock and unlock the screen, change the settings and download apps, removing the need to have passwords (something most people will be interested in). We’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out if this feature is included, a move that will represent a huge leap forward when it comes to built-in mobile security features. Needless to say then, the big reveal can’t come soon enough.

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