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Facebook mobile ads change for the better

It’s never good when something useful is mostly underused, and any attempt at encouraging people to engage with a product needs to be well considered and expertly conceived in order not to fail. As such hats off to Mark Zuckerberg’s men and women, who have come up with a raft of alterations to their smartphone-focused business offering.
The new changes to mobile ads on Facebook have been announced in the wake of a study by Localytics, in which it was revealed that 66% of Facebook mobile users only open apps between one and ten times. This, as The Drum puts it, is ‘necessitating fresh ways to encourage repeat visits’; the holy grail of web content.
From now on then the public will be able to click on seven new calls to action within Facebook mobile app ads, comprising ‘Open Link’, ‘Use App’, ‘Shop Now’, ‘Play Game’, ‘Book Now’, ‘Listen Now’, and ‘Watch Video’. The theory being that with such ambiguity there should be very few stones left unturned in terms of what kind of actions people  want to take on the platform. And, after a quick glance, we’d initially agree (pending further tinkering), with bases including travel, music, fashion and retail definitely covered by the prompts.
Facebook uses these examples of potential ways firms can make the most of these new features:

  • A retail app wants to notify existing users of a current sale or promotion
  • A game wants to bring existing players to updated levels
  • A music app wants to bring listeners to a new playlist
  • A travel app wants to promote discounted fares and getaways

With more than 819million people accessing Facebook from a mobile device clearly there’s a huge potential-customer base out there that has, as yet, not been explored to its full potential. In order to find out how many mobile fans your business has use Facebook’s ad creation too to upload a list of your users, and the network will utilise its Custom Audiences service to match them with a Facebook profile ID, email address or mobile phone number.
In short then, it has never been easier to assess how crucial mobile is to your social presence and overall success, nor have there been more options with which to approach that on-the-go audience and, ideally, turn them into loyal clientele. For full details from the horse’s mouth, or rather the Californian social giant’s own website, click on this link and you’ll be redirected to the official introduction to the new interactive elements.

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