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Content is king on social media

Today’s blog post is all about the need to create your own content on social media for clients. Using funny pictures and posting inspiring quotes is all well and good, but we find it’s best to vary content by taking the initiative and creating your own as well.
We love brands like Nando’s, Innocent, San Pellegrino and Honda for creating fun and engaging content, which ultimately links back to the brand’s key messages.
For instance, Nando’s recently posted this teaser picture on Twitter. It was really simple to mock up and upload, but got some great engagement and helped keep its Twitter feed exciting!

For our client Durgol, which produces a coffee machine decalcifier called Durgol Swiss Espresso, we created a Facebook page called ‘We Love Coffee Community’. We realised a need to tap into the minds of the main consumers for a coffee machine cleaner – and that would be coffee lovers!
With emerging technologies, there are now many ways to create great content on your social media channels including Vine, Instagram video, Gif images and with Photoshop, images can be mocked up in minutes.
We chose to use Instagram video for ‘We Love Coffee Community’, as this is now owned by Facebook which allows you to embed the video into a post to play directly on the brand’s page.
Each week, we now trial a coffee in a different coffee shop to show how we think they compare against each other. We then post a review video, using Instragram’s pretty filters, which is filmed in the coffee shop itself. We use a rating system based on aroma, body aswell as flavour and aftertaste to keep things fair!
Check out one of our videos which went down well below….

We also piggy-backed on the trend in coffee shopsin Taiwan, who print people’s faces onto the top of coffees. We don’t quite have the sophisticated equipment to do that, but we do have Photoshop! We asked coffee fans which famous face they’d most like to see on the top of their cappuccino and hey presto, here’s Johnny Depp on the top of a coffee!

Which brands are your favourite to follow on social media?

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