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Does a consumer PR agency need trend awareness?

Consumer PR strategy

Consumer PR strategy

It’s long been a mantra that marketing and consumer PR agency strategy are inseparable from trend awareness. Understanding what the audience wants in terms of content is key to increasing brand presence, conversions, sales and customer loyalty.

But what if this theory is wrong?

Dentsu Aegis conducted research into the priorities of more than 1,000 Chief Marketing Officers across the world. The results surprised many in the industry, pointing to a shift away from customer experience and understanding the consumer being the main priorities. In this blog we’ll look at what that means and why things are really changing.

Should consumer PR agency strategy leave customer experience behind? 

In a nutshell, no. But let’s take a closer look at Dentsu Aegis’ findings…

*53% of CMOs have placed customer experience as a top priority in 2019

*Only 47% expect this to still be a top three priority by 2022

*53% of CMOs say understanding the consumer is in the top three priorities

*Just 47% expect it to still be a top three priority by 2022

More priorities, less time to focus

Clearly when it comes to consumer PR strategy understanding those consumers is vital. Especially when it comes to fine-tuning experiences, and making sure these satisfy the target market. So why that projected drop in importance over the next few years?

Ultimately, it boils down to one thing. Having more priorities in the marketing department, taking focus away from customer experience and consumer understanding. This includes…

*Leading disruptive innovation

*Delivering business transformation

*Ensuring effective brand management

*Delivering business growth

consumer PR agency

Out with the old consumer PR agency strategy

Well, not quite. What’s important to understand is leading disruptive innovation, managing the brand effectively and delivering transformation are requirements for a better customer experience, which in turn leads to future business growth. It’s not necessarily a case of abandoning the old essentials, then, so much as we are in a situation where we understand those essentials can be filtered into more niche categories.

Ultimately, the goals still remain the same.

Cracking this new model offers untold rewards

Since the birth of consumer PR strategy mastering the model has been a veritable Holy Grail. Today, though, it’s far harder to stay on top, but the rewards are better than many could ever have imagined. This is because…

*83% of CMOs say delivering seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels is key to future business success


*Only 60% believe they are achieving this


*84% say data collection and analysis is essential to business growth


*Just 49% believe they are doing this well


*76% stated producing entertaining content to attract consumers is important


*50% consider their brand to be delivering this effectively

All of which means by working with partners who understand how these priorities fit together, and impact one another, it’s possible for brands to get ahead of the pack. After all, based on these numbers, right now the pack has plenty of room for improvement.


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