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Celebrating great pet PR on World Cat Day

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the social scene this week then chances are the fact it’s World Cat Day won’t have passed by unnoticed. It certainly didn’t in this pet PR office.
With our work for Crufts Factor and The Kennel Club having drummed up significant press for both brand and event, not to mention our successful efforts to help launch Britain’s first ever animal social network, MySocialPetwork, we don’t need to explain how much we value furry friends. Along with feathered, scaled, and pretty much every other variety of non-human life. As such it seemed appropriate to round off the week with a post dedicated to this most precious of World Days.
As we expected, the press have been quick to jump on the whole World Cat Day idea, with everyone from The i to Get Surrey running amusing slideshows and great videos focused on felines. Most of which involve the cute little creatures doing rather amusing things. Like this picture, for example…
And, just in case there was any doubt over whether or not cats can be useful for more than amusement alone, here’s a video we found that was made in recognition of their many, many skills and unique talents… it’s all suitably dramatic, of course.

Although not made with World Cat Day specifically in mind, we were also delighted to stumble upon this ‘antique’ map of the world, or rather a kitchen, created by a cartographer, working on behalf of Whiskers, who obviously has a cunning sense of what things look like from a cat’s eye view. Take a look.
It’s also important not to forget that small cats aren’t the only cats out there. The more ferocious species are, unfortunately, also the most endangered, and last week Greenpeace launched a brand new campaign aimed at raising awareness about the plight of tigers. Just 100 years ago there were around 100,000 of these beautifully striped but dangerous animals roaming the Earth. Today that number has dropped to roughly 3,000, and the figure continues to fall. As such any attempt to make people take action to protect what’s left of the species should be welcomed, but not least when it involves a tabby in tiger outfit.
All very heartwarming stuff, let’s hope it makes a real difference. Of course there are far more  efforts out there to convince us to protect and safeguard all cats great and small, not to mention campaigns looking to play upon our inherent love for this particular type of pet, so let us know if you’ve found any that are particularly endearing via the comments form below.

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