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@catbinlady madness

Nice work from the RSPCA press office who I assume set up the very funny catbinlady Twitter account – have a look here if you are not one of the 15,000 Tweeters already following it.
If it’s not the work of the RSPCA, if not they should employ whoever is behind it. Excellent use of social media.
Maybe its because we’re in the dregs of silly season, but The Cat in the Bin story seems to have grabbed our collective bored minds and polarised the nation.  From hate filled facebook status updates and groups to actual death threats, there seems to be a section of the country that has lost a little perspective on this. Yes, I know, its cruel to put a cat in the bin. I have a cat, I would be very upset if anyone put him in the bin.  I get it. However,  Lola is OK everybody and remember, worse things happen at sea. And in Pakistan.
But I digress, the rest of us who aren’t wailing and sobbing seem to be playing online games thanks to The Sun and debating if Simon Cowell will sign up the now infamous Mary Bale as the next SuBo.  Which could work out well for her, because according to The Sun she’ll need a new job soon….
And they’re talking about her in LA you know, and New York. We’re not the only ones.
Personally, I feel a bit sorry for catbinlady.  I agree she is weird, but she didn’t see all this coming did she? Sharp introduction into the world of social media this has been.

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