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Case study: Sleep News, Silentnight

If content is anything in 2016, it’s 24-carat gold. The lifeblood of any brand’s online and social presence, without it you’ll struggle to get heard above the din of others.
We create engaging watchables, readables, and general shareables to arm our clients with assets- from news stories and blogs to videos and memes- so they can compete for a greater share of the digital audience. Naturally, then, when Silentnight needed its own news service, we were ready to assist.
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We were briefed by Silentnight to create an online news area, filled with trending articles and interesting content relating to sleep. The goal being to further bolster the client’s position as the U.K.’s sleep expert, and create search-friendly digital content to improve inbound traffic to the company website.
We used Google Ad Words to determine what people are searching for in relation to sleep. Taking those results, we then built a robust content plan of sleep news and stories, which were researched, written and posted to the blog. These included both trending articles and press material we had generated.
Helping to promote the actual content itself, we developed a paid advert strategy. This encouraged the public to click through and read the content on Sleep News. In order to make sure this was financially viable, the ad campaign was monitored daily to judge if we met, or bettered, cost per click targets.
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We achieved what we set out to do- creating engaging content that would promote Silentnight’s brand position, and keep the brand at the fore of the public’s conscious. whilst driving more web traffic. Take a look at the numbers:

  • 279% increase from previous year (July – July)
  • 8% of total traffic was from social media
  • Getting your baby to go to sleep and Sleeping on a Long Haul flight were the most successful pieces
  •  91.6% of total traffic was from Facebook advertising
  • 26p average cost per link click
  • 12p average CPC

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