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Brands what do Twitter proper

It’s a question that comes up frequently in digital communications (link to our social media landing page) planning meetings. How do you interact with your audience correctly when using social media channels?
One of the major problems in answering this is that there’s no right or wrong. Fundamentally, every company has its own customer base, and that customer base is unique to that company. As such the best people to solve the riddle are those doing the selling; they have the best understanding of who they are trying to draw in, and the most comprehensive overview of where their market is strongest.
Nevertheless, what’s posted on social media is copy, and needs a good, succinct writer. And only experienced pros know how to get the most out of each channel. In order to prove this point we’ve compiled a list of five firms that have mastered the art of speaking and responding properly in this digital landscape. Here they are.
Delta Airlines 
screen shot 2013-07-30 at 4.51.55 pm.png
The U.S. carrier is one of the world’s best-known airlines, and as such needs to be seriously responsive. With 12 staff members manning Twitter, replies come thick and fast, information is clear and uncomplicated, and you can even ask the firm to check alternative flight options when things go wrong. Better yet, you get posts like this from time to time.
Old Spice
There was a time when Old Spice was nothing more than what your granddad smelt of, if your granddad was over 60 in the 80s. Since that ad with the horse and semi-naked man, though, the brand has successfully re-integrated itself with the modern world. Take the self deprecating Twitter feed, for instance, which matches the brand position perfectly.
Newcastle Brown Ale
In a world of craft beers made from a combination of hemp and rose water, it’s easy to forget the giants of yesteryear. Apart from Newcastle Brown Ale, which refuses to take itself too seriously, or deny the fact that if you’re partial to a bottle chances are delicate things like flowers on Mother’s Day and American Independence are probably prime targets for a wry joke.
O2 network problems
O2 is about talking straight, informing customers and personalised responses. Jokes appear at well-judged moments, openness and empathy are commonplace. The infamous 2012 meltdown is a prime example, whereby the network crashed, 1.7million negative tweets appeared, but this turned into support for the firm’s social media team thanks to honesty, apologies, replies to each comment and witty acceptance of responsibility.
Magnet Trade 
OK, so maybe (just maybe) we’re biased when it comes to this one. Nevertheless, our client Magnet Trade has cracked Twitter talk thanks to a mix of time-saving tips for people on site (use a can opener to open vacuum packaging, for example) and encouraging plenty of #banter from followers using the hashtag #TradeTalk.

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