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Blagger's Blog— Youth rising, Poundland passports, Chris failing

Weekly High

It’s Brexit month, of course, and what better way to grab some headlines than by launching some new passport holders— one blue, for the leavers, one red, for the remainers. We’re not sure how many column inches Poundland grabbed with this one, so let’s just say ‘loads’.

Weekly Low 

Chris Greyling is the current Transport Secretary and the man who tried to reform the probation service. This week the National Audit Office found the latter cost taxpayers an extra £470million and led to more people returning to jail.

Meanwhile, in travel, the government has just agreed a £33million settlement for a lawsuit filed by Eurotunnel, a company that wasn’t invited to bid on the Brexit freight ferry routes, some of which were awarded to a company that owns no boats. Oh, and then there’s the trains…


Need to know 

Twitter is testing a new option which would allow users to hide specific tweet replies. 

YouTube has removed comments from videos featuring children due to safety fears.

Lloyds has admitted it ‘hasn’t had much success’ on socials.


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