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Blagger's Blog- Ukip 'borrows' green design, BK sold a whopper, and everyone loves Easter

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Quote of the week

“In this case the only difference between our leaflets and Ukip’s is that the Green Party ones contain sensible policies.”

Amelia Womack, deputy leader of the Green Party, in indy100 commenting on new Ukip campaign materials that are strikingly similar in design to those used by the Green Party since November 2015.

Weekly high


Call it a cop-out, but this week we’re all absolutely eggstatic about the long weekend, meaning we’re currently at the beginning of four days off work. It’s not that we don’t love our jobs, it’s just that Easter Weekend is always so nice, so whatever you’re doing, we hope you have a lovely time doing it, but try not to eat too much chocolate- a moment on the lips and all that.

Weekly low


Fast food giant Burger King decided to try its hand at marketing via Google Home smart speakers and Android phones, running an advertising campaign whereby people could ask their devices to give details about the burgers sold by the chain, with information sourced from Wikipedia. Unfortunately members of the public decided to alter the relevant entries on the open-source encyclopaedia, meaning people were told Burger King sold the ‘worst hamburger product’, and in some instances warned rthe food ‘contains cyanide’. The ad was apparently blocked soon after the fallout, although Google has denied responsibility for that. The mystery remains unsolved then.

Need to know

Facebook has begun experimenting with an ‘alternate news feed’ that is designed to boost content discovery- lookout for a small rocket symbol in your app, if it’s there give it a click and see what comes up.

News Corp Australia is sacking the majority of its photographers and sub editors across titles including which Daily Telegraph, Sunday Herald, and Courier-Mail in a bid to reverse ailing fortunes- the group lost $287million in the last quarter alone.

CharltonJust in case you missed us

This week we’ve been all about travel PR- offering our friends at ABTA some space to discuss May’s Crisis Management Communications seminar in Manchester, and then asking Where next for United? following yet another tale of poor passenger treatment and overbooked flights.

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