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Blagger's Blog— Jeremy Kyle, GoodBagels, WhatsApp hack

  • “In light of the tepid reception of Season 8 of #GameofThrones, I think delaying the announcement of Benioff & Weiss’ involvement with Star Wars would have been smart.”

Smoking Gun PR

@AndyBeau via Twitter, offering some advice to movie marketers who just confirmed that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss— best known as the pair behind Game of Thrones— will be bringing us the next Star Wars trilogy.

Weekly High

Warburtons has hit the big leagues thanks to big screen talent featured in its new advert, GoodBagels. Robert de Niro stars in the mafia-themed clip, with some heralding this as his best work in years. Definitely one that will be remembered.

Weekly Low 

The Jeremy Kyle Show caused outrage across the UK this week after Monday morning’s episode was pulled from the air completely and ITV placed the series on ‘indefinite hold’ following the death of a guest.

Need to know 

Millions of WhatsApp users are being urged to upgrade the app following a hack by Israeli cyber intelligence firm NSO Group.

Instagram is apparently testing an option that separates new likes from old, and the possibility of adding Unfollower counts onto Creator Accounts.

Ikea has launched its first sustainability campaign, focussed on the Swedish concept of ‘lagoon’— using not too much and not too little. So basically making people question whether they really need to buy new products.

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