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Yesterday Manchester International Festival kicked off triumphantly, managing to cancel the rain and dominate Twitter’s UK trends with What Is The City But Its People, a free event wherein a selection of Manchester residents- from Bez to Town Hall cleaners- did whatever they felt like doing on a huge catwalk erected in the middle of Piccadilly Gardens, telling their own moving stories via giant screens, and live to the world on BBC iPlayer. An amazing insight into the variety of life our hometown hosts, roll on the next 17 days of world premieres.

Weekly Low


This week only added to the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, as the first Kensington and Chelsea council meeting since the fire was abandoned after press were allowed access. Leaders had already thrown the public gallery out and attempted to ban reporters from the event, but a High Court ruling upheld their right to attend, sparking major concerns that officials are hiding from news agencies, fuelling yet more outrage.

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It has been a busy week on the Smoking Gun blog. We kicked off by looking at the future of broadcasting within the context of social media TV shows and Video On Demand services, and then unveiled the latest issue of our newsletterMD Rick Guttridge shares his thoughts on car crash interviews, media training, and transparency; we presented our Facebook and Twitter cheat sheet; looked at the most sexist ads from recent years; pitted Snapchat v Instagram v Facebook stories against each other; and gave readers the lowdown on all the latest moves and shakes here on Bridge Street.

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