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Blagger's Blog- Escape from Eden, dirty water, Uber issues

The Blagger’s Blog – a weekly roundup of media news, sans effort


Quote of the week

“… load of rubbish.”

Tom Wah, discussing his experiences on Channel 4 reality TV effort Eden, in which contestants were supposed to live in isolation for 12 months. Wah left early, and the series was cancelled last summer, but some participants only emerged this week to learn the U.K. is Brexiting, Donald Trump is now U.S president, and nobody had been watching their show for months.

Weekly high


To coincide with World Water Day (22nd March), UK brand One Water unveiled new ‘dirty bottles’ which appear to contain impure H2O in a bid to highlight the need to fund global water projects. Simple, but effective to say the least.

Weekly low

Tough times at Uber. Jeff Jones just resigned as president after six months, top engineering executive Amit Singhal walked out within five weeks (supposedly after failing to declare a sexual harassment claim at his old employer), and Ed Baker, vice president of product and growth, quit earlier this month. Allegations of ignoring sexual harassment claims, the video above of CEO Travis Kalanick arguing with a driver about pay conditions, and Google’s law suit for ‘betrayal and high-tech espionage’ don’t sound good either.

Need to know

Twitter is apparently considering a special paid membership tier for its so-called ‘power users’ as the network looks to plug financial holes.

The New York Times has launched Times Insider, a collection of podcasts, stories, events and letters that attempt to give readers an insight into the paper’s newsroom, thus providing greater transparency.

CharltonJust in case you missed us

This week we mused on the latest developments in Google vs YouTube advertisers, and the fallout from commercials being shown with extremist materials; and then looked at what lessons can be learnt from that #BBCKids interview for brands dealing with #CrisisPR.

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