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Blagger's Blog- Electorate evac, what if cows were people, hotels by the minute


Weekly High

PETA has done it again with another great advert designed to raise awareness at just how bad many animals are treated, this time looking at the milk industry. Switching cows for humans, it makes a stark and alarming point that will have you on soya and almond alternatives before you can say ‘big shop’.

Weekly Low


As we wrote about not more than two days ago, Dove has decided to launch a new range of bottles, ‘reflecting the differences’ in female form from one woman to another. Overall the Twittersphere wasn’t too happy about it, read our take on things here.

Need to know

Facebook is building on its 360-video arm via a new partnership with tech platform Blend Media, working with agencies, brands and publishers to develop a creator community.

A new app has been launched, Recharge, which allows users to book hotels at real time rates, but only pay for the minutes they actually occupy the room.

Improbable, a VR firm set up by a Cambridge graduate, has received the biggest ever investment in a fledgling tech company, $502million, valuing the business- which creates virtual worlds for gaming and large-scale simulations- at $1billion.

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