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Blagger's Blog- Buck Pal refurb, Corona 'myth', image is everything

A weekly roundup of media news, sans effort


Quote of the week

“Welsh builder says he can do Buckingham Palace for £200 cash.”

Satirical news website, lampooning the huge refurbishment of the London landmark, and scoring what might be the week’s best headline.

Weekly high


This week stories were flying around the internet about how the founder of Corona beer had left everyone in his Spanish home village £2million each. Sadly, this isn’t really true, but he has left a ‘significant amount’ to the town itself, and previously paid for cultural institutions, churches, and more. How’s that for philanthropic corporate social responsibility?

Weekly low

The Autumn Statement was released this week, outlying the immediate future of the public purse and other such economic resources. It’s not the most upbeat document, with more cuts and misery to come for some, so naturally Twitter was quick to react to the Chancellor’s chosen press shots.


Stories to keep an eye on

Snapchat is this week’s source of pessimistic fear over a potential dystopian future ahead- sunglasses that record and stream what you see are going on sale in the U.S. from temporary vending machines. First come first served.

Newsweek is establishing a new international edition, which will be headquartered in London- a rare major print media opening in the capital.

Facebook is adding a ‘donate’ button to Live videos.

Just in case you missed us

This week we have been considering whether organic reach still counts for much on social channels, and unveiled our Black Friday Ad Special, ranking all the UK christmas ads and collating some of the best spoofs.

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