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The Blagger's Blog 8th November 2013

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Thought for the Week

Driverless cars are another invention that has the potential to generate the kind of high-skilled jobs we want Britain to be famous for, as well as cutting congestion and pollution and improving road safety.” Business Secretary Vince Cable on the announcement that driverless cars will arrive in Milton Keynes by 2015. It all sounds a bit like Total Recall to us (pictured).

Weekly High

The John Lewis Christmas advert has been unveiled, with an animated story about a bear and a hare. It’s nice, but we’re more impressed by the supporting campaign. Complete with a soon-to-be-released iOS and Android interactive children’s e-book app, online bespoke Christmas card making tools (with Bear and Hare guiding you through the process), plus all-new ‘Bear Caves’ being installed in stores across the country, grotto-like, we’ll be surprised if people forget this offering in a hurry.


Weekly Low

Newport Beach, California. Jeff Soto, the town’s marketing manager sits in his office, having just heard news that Paul Ciancia, a 23-year-old resident of nearby Los Angeles, has stormed into the city’s international airport, LAX, shot and killed a federal officer and injured a further three members of the public. In a moment of genius, our supposed PR expert issues this tweet. #fired


Things that may happen in the next week

The Philippines will take stock of the destruction caused by typhoon Haiyan, billed as the biggest storm to ever make landfall. France will adjust to its new credit rating as Standard & Poor downgraded the country from AA+ to AA yesterday. MTV’s European Music Awards will be held in Amsterdam on Sunday night (10th November).

Just in case you missed it…

Facebook has redesigned its Like and Share buttons in a bid to further increase levels of engagement. Read the full story here.
If there is a success story, blunder, or news event you’d like to see included email or tweet using #blaggersblog. Happy Friday!

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