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The Blagger's Blog 7th November 2014

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Thought for the Week 

“I’m not sure that the task of journalism has changed that much: we still send journalists to unearth stories and break news. But Twitter is our competition, and we have faced up to that reality,” Matt McAllester, Europe editor for Time, speaking at the Web Summit this week.

Weekly High

Everyone knows not to trust that self-righteous, sanctimonious classmate at university- the one in all those societies but who has never actually existed outside academe. Yet plenty have time for Russell Brand, a chap who this week proved it’s not a good idea to wax lyrical about ‘politics’ with pipe dreams and adjectives as people began to liken him to the spoken words on Blur’s hit, Parklife, resulting in the funniest Twitter meme of the week, which even spilled over to Amazon’s user reviews.


Weekly Low

Germany isn’t used to rail strikes, and whilst we agree with industrial action when no other route will work, it seems rather optimistic to expect public support for a walkout when you decide to do it over the four days in which the country will try to celebrate unity, free passage and solidarity- with this weekend marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Stories to keep an eye on

According to a new study, 69% of UK consumers are ‘frustrated’ by brand websites that are not mobile friendly.
After shutting up shop on these shores a few years back, discount grocer Netto has reopened, with a little help from new parent Sainburys, with its first store in Leeds.
Seven major UK regional newspapers have seen editors depart recently, sparking concerns about a lack of experienced staff in the already-struggling media sector.

Just in case you missed it

The new John Lewis Christmas ad has been unveiled, even if it’s only two days since bonfire night. Unsurprisingly, it has resulted in a swathe of gushing comments online and a ton of articles; we’ve embedded it below, so see what you think.


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