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The Blagger's Blog 25th July 2014

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Thought for the Week 

Now we owe it to hardworking taxpayers not to repeat the mistakes of the past and instead to continue with the plan that is delivering economic security and a brighter future for all.” Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, commenting on the UK’s GDP surpassing its pre-recession high on a good day for business news, despite critical voices raising concerns over the number of voluntary and zero-hour jobs counting against unemployment figures, rapidly rising house prices and a widening rich-poor divide.

Weekly High

We do love a great film-related stunt, not least when it’s of monolithic proportions. Hence the reason this week’s high comes from Tokyo, where movie marketers unveiled a giant Godzilla to mark the release of the monster’s latest blockbuster outing.

Weekly Low

If reports are to be believed, Britain’s energy companies have not been passing on savings to households from so-called ‘green cuts’, which marks yet another nail in the coffin when it comes to public perception of the UK’s biggest gas and electricity companies, and represents yet more evidence of profiteering at the expense of customers. In short, a significant fail.
A gas ring burns on a ring at a home in west London, Tuesday, Au

Stories to keep an eye on

Car manufacturer Kia has revealed plans to launch the world’s first sonic branding, combining a unique musical signature with the brand’s three core identities- Distinctive, Vibrant, Reliable.
Instagram is preparing to launch what it has described as a ‘one-tap’ photo messaging service.
Never Undressed, the fashion website run by ShortList and Stylist publisher ShortList Media, is to close after failing to attract a large enough audience. 

Just in case you missed it…

Sales of iPads have plummeted this year after a pre-Christmas all time high, sparking fears the era of the tablet may be over. Read why we think this was inevitable here. 

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