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The Blagger's Blog 20th February 2015

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Quote of the week

“What happens when renewable energy runs out?” Victoria Ayling, Ukip parliamentary candidate for Great Grimsby on BBC’s Question Time this week- offering a great example of why public speakers should do at least one minute of Google research before trying to get involved in a debate.

 Weekly High

Bizarre but rather amusing, Japanese juice brand Kagen has decided to build a hands-free tomato machine, which its representative in this weekend’s Tokyo Marathon, Shigenori Suzuki, will be donning during the race in order to keep himself energised. Tomatoes, if you didn’t know, are powerful weapons in the fight against fatigue.


Weekly Low

Young at Heart Coffee Morning, Face Painting Thursday, Funday Monday, and, err, KKK Thursday. Who knows what Krispy Kreme Donut people were thinking when they announced a February Half Term full of fun activity days, and named one after the infamous U.S. white supremacists. Enough said.

Stories to keep an eye on

Facebook is being sued by Lone Hill, a Native American user who had her account suspended under the controversial ‘real name only’ policy the network has been criticised for in the past.

UK magazines lost 15million readers in 2014, according to the latest ABC figures for the industry.

Just in case you missed it

We recently created a video looking at the latest and greatest Smoking Hot Social Media Trends. Get the insider opinion here. 

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