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The Blagger's Blog 19th September 2014

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort

Thought for the Week 

“Yes still means something. Please try to remember that.” Scotsman and Hollywood star Alan Cumming commenting via Twitter on the day Scotland voted ‘No’ to independence from the United Kingdom.

Weekly High

Much as we loathe the cult of Apple, California’s whitest tech giant does still lay claim to the best tech products on the market (in our humble opinion). As such, this week’s high was always going to be the arrival of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which went on sale worldwide today, and within hours orders were limited to two-three week delivery times.

Weekly Low

Lingerie brand Tezenis has decided to remove a line of underwear from its British store following a social media backlash due to ‘apparent rape connotations’. We’d agree whoever designed it probably needs to rethink how they approach controversial garments. The words ‘completely unacceptable’ come to mind.

Stories to keep an eye on

 Despite protests from the drag queen community, Facebook is still insisting on its real-name policy, preventing people using stage monikers. Even though half your friends on the network have accounts under fake names.
Coca Cola has launched a new all-natural version of the popular drink just two weeks after the firm opted in to the UK government’s traffic light system of marking food ingredients.
Regional newspapers from across northern England have run front page headlines today demanding the British government offer similar levels of devolution to those promised to Scotland. 


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