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The Blagger's Blog 13th March 2015

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Quote of the week

“If anyone has ever compared a new band to Saint Etienne, I’ve been flattered that we might be an influence. Almost always, it has been clear to me that the other group simply has similar influences – I’m not about to call my lawyers and instruct them to sue the Cardigans or Broadcast for bearing a vague resemblance to us.”
Bob Stanley, of Saint Etienne, commenting on the Pharrell Williams-Robin Thicke-Marvin Gaye’s Family law suit that saw the former pair forced to pay $7.4million in damages after a jury ruled that the hit Blurred Lines was copied from Gaye’s 70s smash hit, XXXXXXX

 Weekly High

As we announced yesterday, Smoking Gun PR has won Best Consumer Agency at the much-coveted PRMoment Awards in Manchester, which were held at the Hilton on Wednesday night. Top work there then.

Weekly Low

Poor old Ed Miliband. Just as the country starts to forget about the fact he can’t eat a bacon butty like a ‘normal’ he attempts to show him and his wife having a cup of tea in an average, dare it be said Labour (as in for the people) sized kitchen. A poor PR stunt at best, shortly after the picture was publicised people realised this was actually his second kitchen. Oh dear.

Stories to keep an eye on

Whilst everyone is talking about whether or not Jeremy Clarkson punched a Top Gear presenter, we’re more interested in reports he is considering quitting the BBC, and the impact of that potentially empty threat, as it brings the old ‘is a celebrity bigger than a brand’ argument to life in full colour. 

More than half of all consumers actively avoid brands that bombard them with marketing messages. So think on before you launch that mobile campaign.


Just in case you missed it

This week we’ve been getting to grips with the new Instagram Carousel Ads offering. If you’re not quite sure what that is, or how it can help with your brand marketing, click here.

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