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The Blagger's Blog 13th February 2015

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Quote of the week

“To American readers he appeared to be only the latest evidence of decadent capitalism’s journey to hell in a handcart powered by bullshit.” Andrew Harrison in The Guardian on Tuesday, writing about AOL ‘digital prophet’, Shingy, in an article about Charlie Brooker’s cult comedy character, Nathan Barley. Here he is in action.


 Weekly High

The UK film industry has recorded its best year ever, with inward investment up, investment in domestic production up, and profits for independent titles up, helped no end by our friend Paddington, the highest grossing non-Hollywood family film of all time. Great news then.


Weekly Low

Although it was tempting to highlight RadioShack in our weekly low- the U.S. retail giant that has gone bust, but is still trying to pay executives millions of dollars of bonuses, really there’s only one winner (or loser?) this time round. Oh, HSBC, what have you done. The UK’s biggest bank has been helping people evade tax via Swiss accounts, with shady customers including high profile politicians making matters worse. Massive PR fail if ever there was one.

Stories to keep an eye on

A new deal is apparently on the cards between Twitter and Google, meaning tweets will again appear in Google search results.

Yo, the ‘world’s simplest comms platform’, looks set to regain ground lost in the social media app charts last year following new location-based functionality.

Just in case you missed it

The Daily Mirror has printed an apology to the victims of phone hacking, and owner Trinity Mirror has increased the compensation fund to £12million. 

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