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The Blagger's Blog 10th October 2014

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Thought for the Week 

“We’re screwed.” White House Correspondent Major Garrett commenting on the arrival of the ebola virus in the U.S. following a press conference on the risk to public health a day before the UK began screening for the infection at all airports. The government official believed his microphone was turned off at the time, setting an example of how not to deliver a public statement, joking or not. 

Weekly High

This stunning clip aimed at kicking clickbait content into touch is one in the eye for Reddit, BuzzFeed and just about any other website that has decided the best way to attract readers is with posts entitled “19 Reasons Young Marlon Brando Will Ruin You For The Rest Of The Day”. Genius and oh so true…


Weekly Low

Academe- the home of free thought, progress and, every so often, future government policy based on research and in depth analyses. As such it’s disappointing and a dreadful indictment of the institution in question to see that Cardiff University has installed ‘anti-homeless’ grills on external warm air vents to prevent those in need of shelter and heat from using all that wasted energy.

Stories to keep an eye on

The Conservative Party suffered a Twitter backlash yesterday following its attempt to deny allegations it hadn’t publicised proposals for a new Human Rights Bill in the aftermath of a declaration that the UK would leave the EU Convention should the Tories win another term in office.
The Iranian government has blocked the Instagram accounts of ‘rich kids in Tehran’ who show off their wealth via the picture sharing site.
Apple and Google’s individual brands are now said to be worth $100billion a piece, with the Mac daddy having leaped 21% year-on-year. Shame they still haven’t settled that tax bill.

Just in case you missed it

To celebrate the launch of BBC Music, a new music initiative from the Beeb, Auntie has put together this rather slick interpretation of The Beach Boys’ timeless anthem, God Only Knows


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