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The Blagger's Blog 29th August 2014

A weekly roundup of media news and talking points, sans effort


Thought for the Week 

I think it’s disgusting that they’re sitting in there at a dinner that’s costing £10,000 when people in jobs can’t get a living wage and need to use food banks.” Scottish mother Nicola Stephens commenting on the behaviour of the British government during the campaign for independence as David Cameron gave a speech to business leaders at Glasgow’s Hilton hotel. According to The Guardian she also added that calling the Tories ‘unpopular’ was a gross understatement.

Weekly High

Twitter has decided that agencies aren’t reaching the kind of heights they could do when it comes to digital. Hence the network launching its own ‘Flight School’, which offers an online education in how marketers can get the most out of the platform and develop high impact campaigns that truly pay off. Take a look at the video below.

Weekly Low

When will people learn that it’s not always a great move to hit the streets and hand out valuable freebies to the most ‘enthusiastic’ members of the public? Take what happened in Derby last Friday, for example, when a holiday company decided to give away 100 holiday tickets to people who chased down members of staff dressed in red suits. Unfortunately, as many UK papers described it, things went ‘dangerously wrong’ with punters and employees left shaken if not hurt by the ensuing debacle. Take a look below at how not to do this kind of thing…

Stories to keep an eye on

78% of London Fashion Week attendees intend on using Twitter during the events. That’s some majority.
Twitter’s analytics section is no longer just available to marketers, advertisers, Twitter Card and verified users as the network opens up insights on engagement levels to all account holders.
Mail Online advertising now accounts for one third of the Daily Mail’s entire revenue from commercial space sold in print and digital formats, a leap of no less than 49% in the last quarter. 

Just in case you missed it…

The Times of India has issued a new contract to its journalists, demanding they either hand over passwords to their social accounts to allow management to post on their behalf, or set up entirely new personal accounts to allow management to post on their behalf. Take a look at our thoughts on the matter here. 

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