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Beyond pessimism (or: How I learnt to stop worrying and profit in the recession)

Double-dips, negative growth, funding uncertainty, drought-struck credit streams. British business in 2012 is marred by a myriad of problems, but away from the headline horror stories there’s plenty of evidence UK PLC is competitively trading.
The world’s markets work on confidence, and when doubt surfaces the impact can be detrimental. It’s just the same within a company, as self-belief often means the difference between success and failure. But how do you look on the bright side when the media seems obsessed with financial Armageddon?
When London’s Olympics began this weekend so too did a huge public relations exercise, spearheaded by the government, which attempts to advertise the benefits of investing in bankrupt Britain. It’s a juxtaposition that defines the current climate, with a multi-billion pound sporting showcase contrasting disappointing, if not worrying, economic forecasts. The plan being that the kind of investment only possible in a wealthy nation will distract important visitors from high youth unemployment and industrial stagnation.
Speculate to accumulate, as ‘they’ say. At least that’s one of the major hopes for the 16-day competition, with David Cameron stating last week some £1billion worth of new business deals could arise as a result of being hosts, with a total of £13billion expected to be generated nationwide over the next ten years as part of the Games’ ongoing legacy. Let’s just hope enough people from cash rich, rapidly developing nations like India, China, and Brazil have bought tickets.
Skepticism aside there’s no denying this is already working to some extent, with the world watching as Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony put all that’s great about British culture and creativity on a global platform. The result made a compelling argument for increasing corporate ties with the country as a whole, and domestic business owners can learn from. After all, the beneficiaries of London 2012 go well beyond those behind licensed messages and partner deals.
We’ve even ranked our favourite unofficial Olympic campaigns as part of this month’s newsletter, so click here to take a look at the best in barefaced advertising. All of which goes to show that by taking calculated risks, differentiating your firm from its rivals, and adopting the stance of a challenger brand it’s possible to profit despite gloomy prospects. Innovation can overcome many major business challenges, take for example Stobart Barristers, one of our new clients.
Re-writing the guidebook on legal advice by cutting out solicitors means this new business delivers exceptionally high quality service with cost savings to boot. What’s not to love for corporate’s or all you high net worth individuals amongst our readership. Check our in-house news summary for the full brand low down, but in short it’s a truly unique offering within a seemingly saturated marketplace, and this approach applies to all industries. After successive years of doom and pessimism then, surely now it’s time to finally put an end to obsessing over concerns, and start assertively brainstorming to help lift ourselves from the quagmire.

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