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And the most engaged media brand on Twitter is…

When you’re trying to encourage conversations about your brand amongst the public it’s vital you understand which media outlets can give your name the biggest boost. Following a recent Brandwatch survey news has hit of the most engaged title on Twitter, and it’s probably not the newspaper you expect.
So whilst the ‘smart money’ might have been on Mail Online or The Guardian, or perhaps one of the daily tabloids, the truth is The Telegraph tops the leaderboard, with approximately 225,000 conversations started thanks to tweets coming from the paper, despite it not posting as much content as many rivals. Nevertheless, the readership is 1.2 times more active on social media overall.
It’s an interesting statistic, and one that proves just how powerful a story in this particular title can be for any company featured. And the talking points don’t end there, either. Fascinatingly, print media outlets (including their digital versions) overall are proving to be the biggest instigators of Twitter-based conversations, with 61% of online chat sparked by their stories. This compares to just 20% for TV, and 19% for radio.
Needless to say, then, there are plenty of learnings we can take from this- not least the fact that despite falling circulations and the difficulties facing said sector, clearly actual readership is in rude health, as is the influence and impact of what people are reading. One in the eye for anyone who believes the importance of print, from a public relations perspective, is no longer unquestionable.
The Telegraph isn’t the only newspaper with impressive social figures, mind. The Independent beats all others in terms of total online mentions, total social mentions, and the interaction between those two. This is followed by Capital FM and Radio 1- clarifying how radio might be responsible for less conversations, but remains a key platform when it comes to social media.
Interested to see more? Here’s how the survey is broken down in full, detailing the performance of major media brands across all platforms, providing you with insight into who you should be prioritising.
Graphs and charts sourced from The Drum.

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