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After the autumnal smoke has cleared

A good PR agency is a busy PR agency. And like any other social media and public relations firm in Manchester worth its weight in salt, at Smoking Gun things have been suitably hectic in the post-summer rush.
It’s been all about hard work here on Mount Street as the days have faded into winter nights. Unlike the leaves on the trees, though, we made it to the other side with several wins under our belt, and some recent success stories worth shouting about.
Last month ended with the Manchester Science Festival causing a big bang in the city. A triumphant celebration of all things techy, the tremendous footfall during the half-term event was certainly aided by our preparatory work which brought TV, radio and print journalists along to see innovation at work, and have some fun.
While on the same week, we dashed across town for the YourChoice Magazine Charity Extravaganza– a showcase of X Factor talent in the form of Ruth Lorenzo, Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer and Stacey Solomon, orchestrated by the NHS lifestyle publication. With Tiger Tiger awash with photographers and happy ticket holders, by identifying key web influencers and targeting the right trend setters, it’s no wonder people still haven’t stopped Tweeting about the party.
Looking to the future, we’re getting ready to support Alpecin’s new UK push, as the daily men’s shampoo prepares to pounce on thinning heads outside Europe’s mainland with it’s biggest ever marketing push. Watch this space for more news on this, with national TV campaigns planned, and a hole host of community building social media initiatives in the pipeline. As such, we’re sure it won’t be long until you come into close contact with this product, whether you’re balding or not.
Other than that it’s business as usual, with us helping companies large and small to grab the spotlight and increase the number of people buying into brands. So when press and PR are giving you a headache, say [email protected], and let’s start telling your story today.

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