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9 top social media blogs you should bookmark

As regular readers of our own web pages will know only too well, trying to keep abreast with Facebook changes, Twitter updates, and amendments to the many other social networks out there is an overwhelming task.
Even here, at one of the UK’s fastest growing and most lauded public relations agencies, we are constantly learning and updating our list of the best social media blogs, such is the pace of change. Keen to share what we have learnt so far, whilst we obviously recommend bookmarking so you never miss one of our own insightful posts, we’d also like to point you in the direction of the following URLs, all of which deserve a spot in your favourites bar.
Without further ado, then, here are 9 top social media blogs for businesses… in no particular order.
Jon Loomer
John Loomer’s blog is second to none if you want to know all there is to know about the vast world of Facebook. His articles offer in-depth advice, and self-produced videos turn complex subjects and issues into easily-digestible nuggets of information, clearly explained and dissected so anyone can understand how to react on their own Facebook pages.
Facebook newsroom
OK, so this seems like an obvious choice, but it’s still surprising how many times people tell us they never check Facebook’s own blog. This is the first place news of impending updates, alterations and additions to the world’s most prominent social platform will be revealed, and when it comes to understanding how to use offerings like Ads and Sponsored Posts, the step-by-step guides can prove invaluable.
Buffer Social 
Buffer is divided into different sections, each focused on aspects of business we are particularly interested in. So that would be ‘Social’ (like Ronseal it does what it says on the tin), ‘Open’ (how to create a happier, more transparent working environment),  and ‘Overflow’ (web engineering and building). There are also several free downloadable tools to assist with productivity, planning and more.
Unlike most of our list, the folk at Socialbrite purely focus on how not-for-profits are using social media for good. This may not sound relevant to your business, unless you run a not for profit, but with a constant stream of news stories relating to the ways in which networks and channels are helping the most disenfranchised, and stand out walkthrough guides, the lessons are actually universal.
Jenns Trends 
Jenn, the author of Jenn’s Trends, is what you might call a social media obsessive. Hence her mantra: “There is NO opting out of social media???. The blog itself is written in an easy to understand, not to mention down-to-Earth manner, and is basically a go-to-source for analysis and opinion on the latest, greatest and, sometimes, worst trends emerging in this area of marketing. Listen to what she says.
Peg Fitzpatrick 
Peg Fitzpatrick wrote a well-received book called The Art of Social Media, and also runs her own eponymous blog. Her regular updates take into account the changing faces of everything from Instagram to third party Twitter products, she has a keen understanding of small business requirements (and budgets), and is also great at recommending other blogs from which to mine priceless information.
Social Bro
If you’re unfamiliar with Social Bro then it’s time to do something about it. A Certified Twitter Product best-known as a monitoring and insights tool, which has both paid-for and free packages, as an aside the firm also runs a blog providing tips on getting the most out of the product, and vital information on digital, content and social marketing practices based on both in-house research and external sources.
Twitter blog 
Like the Facebook equivalent, Twitter’s own blog should definitely be added to your bookmarks, if it isn’t already. How else do you expect to keep on top of the new product launches, platform tweaks and news from the 140-character giant? For example, were you aware that Periscope, the new live video streaming service from Twitter, launched an Android app on Tuesday? If not, best take a look here.
Convince and Convert
As the landing page for C&C proudly states, according to the Content Marketing Institute this is the world’s number one content marketing blog. As content itself relies on social in order to bring in readers, it should also be clear that this is a great source for anyone looking to gain a better understanding not only of what makes the most shareable content, but also the best ways to share that content.

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