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6 things you need to know about social media right now

We’re forever directing our web visitors to the latest and greatest launches, tweaks and changes taking place in the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and just about every other social media channel relevant to the U.K. Not without good reason, this landscape changes at an alarming rate.
So far 2014 has been no different, with a host of amends, rectifications and fresh ideas coming to fruition. Consider this an essential list of six new social media updates you need to know about then- from lie detection algorithms to news aggregating mobile apps and communities aimed at forging new relationships.
Better Facebook news curation is here
The world’s biggest social network is a minefield for news gathering- great articles jostle for position alongside pictures of pulled pork. Facebook Paper on Android and iOS is a clean looking news curation app showing ‘top content’ from your usual newsfeed and facilitating ‘search by subject’ to reveal stories by other users.

Liars may soon be exposed on social media
As hit the news recently, a group of presumably honest programmers claim to have come up with a lie detector for social media. The system can apparently analyse whether a post is true or not in real time, which developers say could potentially help in the face of future events similar to the London riots.
This month sees three key events take place
SXSW kicks off on 7th March in Austin, Texas- a key date in the industry showcasing new launches and innovations. Closer to home, 12th March sees a workshop on personalised Customer Relationship Management videos take place in Manchester, and FutureEverything’s digital conference hits town from 27th March.
Facebook now owns WhatsApp
The free messaging service threatening to make texts obsolete, WhatsApp, sold to Mark Zuckerberg’s ever-expanding empire for a staggering $19billion recently, Facebook’s biggest ever acquisition. As such you can expect significant changes to the platform as the new boss looks to monetise his purchase.
Women are taking on NekNominate and cancer in one fell swoop
35-year-old Michelle Kent was apparently so disgusted with the deadly drinking game NekNominate she created her own version, NipNominate. Launching a new breast cancer awareness campaign, #bangerstocancer, ladies are being encouraged to post pictures of their cleavage in a display of solidarity.
Crushee is a social network in reverse
Not so long out of Beta testing, Crushee has many similarities to other social networks, including friends, status updates and a news feed. There is one major difference, though, the idea here is that members meet and pal up with other users they don’t already know, forging new personal and business relationships.

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