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5 of the best… apps for marketing and PR professionals

Smartphones offer so many time saving features trying to find the most useful can be overwhelming. Thankfully you don’t have to, just look at this list instead.
comscore reported that uptake of ‘advanced handsets’ in Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy increased by 41 per cent in the year up to September 2010. According to ComTech 2.5 per cent of all UK mobile users now switch to an all singing, all dancing model each and every month.
Plenty of people use them then. And with that in mind we thought it might be useful to run through some of the best applications available to people in similar professions to ourselves. And yes, we are aware that, contrary to what iPhone devotees may argue, Android OS is the UK’s most popular platform, while BlackBerry is the country’s favourite manufacturer, so we’ve taken a pluralistic stance and included all three of the main brands. Happy downloading.
Google Analytics – iPhone / BlackBerry
Google’s free web analyses are becoming the basic life blood of new media. Here you get to see how much internet traffic you receive, analyse the most popular content, or assess the value of a target publication on the go and we couldn’t imagine life without it, depressing as that may sound. – iPhone
This app from one of our favourite media sites on the internet works in a similar way to The Guardian’s mobile package. Browse and save stories for later, share via email, Twitter, and Facebook, and, perhaps best of all, there’s even an internal browser to view content on external links without quitting the program.
Google+ – iPhone
The fastest growing social network of all time now has a dedicated app for Apple’s ever popular mobile, putting the burgeoning community at your fingertips, almost anywhere. Create and manage Circles of friends, automatically upload mobile media, and engage in group chats via a Huddle.
Dropbox – Android / iPhone / BlackBerry
Dropbox is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to file share across computers without establishing a proper network first. Now this download places all of those documents in your pocket. We’ve been fans since setting up the company, so let us know if you want an invite sending.
Evernote – Android / iPhone / BlackBerry
With so many sources of inspiration and information how do you keep track of all you see, hear, read and do? Evernote’s mobile software lets you make notes and create notebooks, tag webpages, share content on Facebook and other smartphone apps, and even file geographically, which is all very clever indeed.

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