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The 5 funniest people on Vine right now

Jayne News
It’s official. That platform dedicated to six second video clips that debuted earlier this year is an outright Internet phenomenon, with great content abound, if you look in the right places.
Of course there’s plenty of trite on Vine too, whether that’s desperate jokers looking for laughs or misguided brands cast adrift in a sea of social confusion. Keen to celebrate some of the best, rather than highlight the worst, we compiled the following list of great names to look out for next time you’re scrolling for brief moments of genius. Enjoy.
Jayne Sharp
We can all learn a few life lessons, and partake in some hearty LOLs, from Jayne Sharp’s short but sweet snippets of keenly observed wit. The Garden Centre On Acid and Arts & Craft With Daft Punk are two of our favourites, but we strongly advise watching her entire back catalogue too.

Bo Burnham
US stand-up Burnham has almost 80 videos on his profile, ranging from witty promos for his new poetry book to Spider-Man: Alternative Ending and a clip of him winning big time on some web based gambling game. Varied but always well observed.

Steve Agee
Another pro-funnyman, Agee has accumulated more than 55,000 followers on Vine to date and it’s not hard to see why. We recommend Record Store Pranks in which he moves a Beethoven LP into the comedy section, and his Fun Encyclopaedia.

Nick Confolone
AKA The Baby and Cat Guy, Mr. Confolone makes videos featuring his baby and cat as the main stars, casting Tot and Feline in numerous short stories. Check out the one where his kid deals with a call centre query from a stuffed bunny- you won’t regret it.

Ima Pube
Ima is represented via a number of socially inept characters who share their thoughts and opinions with viewers nearly every day. We gain an insight into everything from female cycles to first dates, and why you should never buy anything from Craig’s List.

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